These are quotes on the “Test” of Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac from Rob Bell and two Rabbis. The Rabbis views are particularly interesting coming from a Jewish perspective.

“…This isn’t a story about what Abraham does for God; it’s a story about what God does for Abraham. Mind blowing. New. Ground breaking. A story about a god who doesn’t demand anything but gives and blesses…So, back to our original question: What kind of God would ask a man to sacrifice his son? Now, an answer: Not this one. The other gods may demand your firstborn, but not this God.”
-Rob Bell

“Jewish tradition has a long history of arguing that Abraham FAILED God’s test. He should have protested. That’s why it is an angel at the end who stays Abraham’s hand, not God. Just as Abraham protested in Sodom and Gomorrah, all the more he should protested when God’s ask him to sacrifice his son.”
-Rabbi Moffic

“[Noah] failed in the greatest mission of all. He failed to protect human life. And failed to fight with God when he wanted to take human life. He refuses to wrestle with God….God says “everyone will die” and Noah says nothing. But this is not what God wants. God wants people with moxie! God wants people with spiritual audacity! He does not want the obedient man of belief. He wants the defiant man of faith . It isn’t until Abraham, when God says, ‘we have the rainbow and I promise not to destroy everyone, but I will destroy these two cities Sodom and Gomorah,’ Abraham does something audacious. He says “will the judge of the entire Earth not practice justice?’ He lifts his fists to heaven! He raises a cudgel to Heaven! This made him the first Jew. A Jew does not just accept a divine decree, he does not just bow his head in silent obedience.”
-Rabbi Schmuley Boteach

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