Welcome to Paradoxical! This is the blog where everything is made up and the points don’t matter… Ok so it’s not necessarily made up, and I do try to make points that matter. Regardless, I hope you enjoy reading. I’ve enjoyed putting all this together, and this is only the beginning. Please feel free to leave comments on each post and enjoy!

  1. Sorry for the bad joke. I promise the rest of my posts will not be quite so cheesy.

  2. Again, I apologize, and I hope my unfunny Whose Line Is It Anyway reference did not throw anyone off from reading my blog.

  3. So these footnotes are getting longer than the actual post, but stay tuned tomorrow for my first non-introductory post. Enjoy!

  4. There are a number of blog posts prior to this post. These are from a previous blog called “Communion of Reason” which was all about the intersection of Christianity and evolution. I incorporated those into this blog because these are issues I want to continue to explore in this blog, along with everything else.

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