Most people, if not everyone, know about Apple’s health kit, and all the different apps that can help you stay in shape (or get in shape), and live a healthy life. Here is one story of someone who has actually lived this out. This is a deeply personal story from the editor of Macstories, Frederrico Viticci, who beat cancer and used various apps on his iPhone to maintain a healthy lifestyle afterwards.

“I’ve been struggling to get back in shape after chemo.

Since being diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma (Stage IV) in late 2011, my life changed. Beyond the psychological and emotional consequences of how cancer affected me, my family, and my relationships, it is undeniable and abundantly clear that cancer took its toll on me from a physical perspective.

Last year, I decided to regain control of my body, my life habits, and my health. I started tracking everything I could about my activities, my exercise routine, the food I ate, and the time I spent working with my iPad instead of walking, sleeping, or enjoying time with my family. Since then, I’ve made a decision to not let cancer and its consequences define me any longer.

I want to be healthier, I want to eat better, and I want to take the second chance I was given and make the most of it. What started as an experiment has become a new daily commitment to improve my lifestyle and focus.

And it wouldn’t be possible without my iPhone.”

There is no doubt that this kind of technology is powerful and transformative. I think it will be interesting in the future to see where this technology takes us in better communication between us and our healh care providers. I also think that with Apple Watch, and other similar devices, coming out soon, health tech will only improve Our lives. You can read the rest of this inspirational story at Macstories.

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