“This will be the Apple Watch metric to track: time saved.

We’re getting a tad metaphysical here, but really the only resource we all have exactly in common is time. Kings don’t have more of it than peasants. Not everyone will be able to afford an Apple Watch (or even an iPhone), but if they’re in an economic situation where that’s feasible then they’re also in the situation where they are probably willing to trade money for time.

And that is the target market of the Apple Watch. Not “rich people” (though there’s a model specially for them), not “tech geeks” and not “Apple fanatics.” It’s people who want more time, and that is a very large target.”

This is a piece from Tech Cruch. I think this is a great point that the author makes. The ability to glance at a watch to take care of a message, or a notification, instead of pulling out your phone where there are so many other distractions, could allow us more freedom from our phones and get back more time with our loved ones. True, we could do this anyway, but the Apple Watch will make this much easier.

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