There was a piece in The Verge about how Apple is trying to establish itself as a luxury brand. I disagree though. Yes, the Apple Watch Edition is clearly about appealing to people who want luxury items, but I think primarily Apple is still about, and always has been about, changing the way regular consumers live and use technology. Just because Apple has made a luxury item, does not mean that they are trying to move all their products in that direction, and if they do I think it would be a mistake. Apple started because Steve Jobs wanted to bring the pc to the masses. To move away from this would be for Apple to betray what is in its genes. Although their products are more expensive than most, it is because they make products with much value added, and that are worth spending the extra money on because they just work.

  1. I would be willing to argue that making watches does move them into the fashion market. People wear watches as much for fashion, as they do for usefulness, and Apple has clearly purposed to make the Apple Watch fashionable. That is separate though from trying to argue that Apple is trying to move all its products into a luxury fashion brand.

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