Here are some really early thoughts on the 2016 Democratic presidential race.

  • Hillary Clinton is going to run.

  • She is going to have a tougher time than most people think she will.

  • She is going to have a challenger oppose her from the left. This might be Elizabeth Warren, or possibly Bernie Sanders running as an independent. It could even be someone we don’t know yet.

  • There are too many democrats that feel wary of her.

  • I actually think this could end up being more interesting than the GOP race, purely from the perspective of a political junkie.

  • Or this could turn out to be really boring, and Hillary just walks into the nomination. I just have a hard time seeing progressives just laying out the coronation ceremony for her. She has a lot of baggage and doesn’t deserve it.

  • The email controversy will follow her, although eventually it will go away. Hey, it’s the Clintons. There are bound to be even more down the road.

  • If she ends up losing the nomation, who do the Democrats really have to compete against a Jeb Bush or a Scott Walker? I see no one who really has any chance at winning for the Democrats. Of course, we are still very early, and (as with the Republicans) there is plenty of time for a dark horse candidate to emerge. And I for one, hope that that happens.

  • Republicans have already started campaigning against her, and other Democratic candidates to emerge will just add more fuel to the fire, and may be enough to make her lose the nomination if enough Democrats are sick of her.

  1. I will continue sharing thoughts as the race heats up. I think there will be more going on with the GOP race than the Democratic race for now, but that should change later on in the year.

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