This is an Interview with Dr. Ben Carson (prospective GOP candidate for president), in which he reveals a horrible lack of knowledge in history and foreign policy. This was done by Hugh Hewitt, a conservative radio host, so these were softies.

When asked about the origins of the rage felt by Islamic fundamentalists against the West, Carson said “You have to recognize that they go back thousands and thousands of years — really back to the battle between Jacob and Esau.”

“Dr. Carson,” Hewitt said, “you know, Mohammed lives in 632 A.D. So it’s a 13, a 1,400-year-old religion. How do you go back to Jacob and Esau, which is B.C.?”

“I’m just saying that the conflict has been ongoing for thousands of years,” Carson replied haltingly. “This is not anything new, is what I’m saying.”

First, Dr. Carson forgets according to the Biblical story Esau and Jacob reconcile and do not die bitter enemies. Second, Islam claims Ishmael as its genetic forbear, not Esau, which results in two different lineages. Rightly Hewitt reminds him that Islam began in the 600’s AD, and saying that the conflict goes back thousands of years does not rescue you from such an egregious blunder.

Next on the Baltic states:

Hewitt later turned to the threat of Vladmir Putin, asked the doctor how to best combat an aggressive and expansionist Russia — particularly in the vulnerable Baltic States. “We need to convince them to get involved in NATO, and strengthen NATO,” he said.

“Well, the Balts, they are in NATO,” Hewitt said.

“When you were saying ‘Baltic States,’ I thought you were continuing our conversation about the former components of the Soviet Union,” Carson tried to explain. “Obviously they are only three Baltic States.”

I’m inclined to think that he is worse than Sarah Palin. This guy is a joke. Like I said in my thoughts on the GOP race, he will be the first in and the first out (if he even gets in). This does not even meet the minimum standard of a decent understanding of foreign policy.

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