The second teaser trailer to The Force Awakens was released last week and I’m pretty sure everyone on the planet has seen it by now. It’s a fantastic trailer that tells us one main thing: Star Wars is back! It’s a very special trailer too since the music accompanying it was newly recorded by composer John Williams, who to me is one of the main reasons why Star Wars works. There are already some truly iconic shots we’ve seen just from this trailer, like the opening shot of the crashed Star Destroyer and the remains of Darth Vader’s mask, as well as some glimpses at new and old friends. I know there’s a lot of leaked information out there about this movie but it is great that the official marketing isn’t giving away the secrets and just giving us a glimpse at what to expect at the end of this year. We are just under eight months away from the release of The Force Awakens and I am very much looking forward to revisiting that wonderful universe. If I have a favorite film series, it’s Star Wars, and over the next several months I’ll be taking a look back and sharing my thoughts on each installment.

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